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Shampoo Set

Shampoo Set

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 Benefits: for dry, dull or brittle hair can to be more manageable and softer with lots of shine. This shampoo and conditioner restores natural moisture and adds strength to your hair. 

Thoroughly cleans and removes build up
Leaves hair looking healthy. 
Moisturizing Smoothing and Treatment, smooth detangle and softens your hair.

 Plant-based & free from sulfates, parabens,  & dyes

Ingredients: coconut oil, argan oil, vitamin E, costus oil, biotin oil, and tea tree oil.


 Incase of allergies,  test small amount of products on skin for 3 days before applying to hair.

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Hair Mask

Healthy hair in 15 minutes

Healthy hair has been this easy!




To repair and nourish from the roots to the ends. Improve texture, manageability and shine addin length and thickness.


coconut oil, tea tree oil, Shea butter, vitamin E, and argan oil

I saw results within weeks. I highly recommend!

- Humble Philips -